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a correction
Gizeh Records (GZH39)
Released 22.10.12

Second album. 

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(int) / a correction / 812 keefer / neon, ugly / stolen / you can leave now / harris / fram / northern canada

They Shooks Hands for Hours
Home Assembly Music (HAM003)
Released 02.11.09

Debut album.

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this train is a rainbow / half names / document one / they shook hands for hours / of october / he'd found the sea / songs well known / broken / i'm fond of maps / introductions

Long Train Journeys
Gizeh Records (GZH29)
Released 01.11.10

Live album documenting Fieldhead's travel through Europe and Canada in 2010.

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broken / of october / an arrow / document one / i'm fond of maps / songs well known / introductions


Gizeh Records (GZH24)
Released 12.07.10

Five track limited edition 10" vinyl EP, featuring Anna-Lynne Williams, Chantal Acda, Anneke Kampman, Esker and Elly May Irving.

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planks of wood / riser / an arrow / of sorts / opened window

Reference Line
CSAF Records (CSAF125DL)
Released 03.11.10

Single track mp3 download as part of CSAF records 10-20 2010 series. 'reference line' is a minimal, studio version of an improvised piece performed with Ora Cogan at Fake Jazz in Vancouver on September 1st 2010. As no recording was made of the performance, a recreation was made from memory.

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Static Caravan (VAN196)
Released  22.02.10

Four track limited edition EP with Iris to Hypnos.



Fieldhead - Document One (Iris to Hypnos' Until Ripples Fade remix) / Iris to Hypnos - Hyopdermic (Fieldhead remix) / Fieldhead - Introductions (Iris to Hypnos' White Alloy remix) / Iris to Hypnos - Stele 31 (Fieldhead remix)

Not on label
Released 06.12.08

Debut four track EP.

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introductions / birthday celebrations / almost everything there is to know / document 1