Discography - Compilations

Music and Migration
Second Language Music (SL02)
Released 11.01.10

Twenty one track compilation, featuring exclusive Fieldhead track 'open show'.


Also includes tracks from:

Hauschka / Vashti Bunyan / Library Tapes / Brave Timbers / The Declining Winter / Peter Broderick / Leyland Kirby / and more...

Duskscape Not Seen
Nothings66 (N66CD001)
Released 17.02.10

Twenty track compilation, featuring Fieldhead track 'almost everything there is to know'.

Purchase from Norman Records.

Also includes tracks from:
The Sight Below / Lusine / The Gentleman Losers / Helios / Goldmund / Sketches for Albinos / Stafrænn Hákon / and more...

Gizeh Records - Sampler : Winter 2010
Gizeh Records
Released 18.10.10

Eleven track compilation featuring the Fieldhead tracks 'planks of wood' and 'an arrow (live)'.

Download by donation from
Gizeh Records.

Also includes tracks from:

Trespassers William / Glissando / Conquering Animal Sound / worriedaboutsatan / Sleepingdog / and more...

Kito Sound #3 Chez Kito Kat (CKK012)
Released 25.10.10

Thirty four track compilation featuring the exclusive Fieldhead track 'Accented'.

Purchase from Chez Kito Kat.

Minute Papillion
Second Language Music (SL09)
Released 21.02.11

Sixty one minute track compilation, featuring the exclusive Fieldhead track 'Keefer'.

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Also includes tracks from:
Machinefabriek / Brave Timbers / Clem Leek / Jasper TX / ISAN / The Boats / Dustin O'Halloran / Xela and many, many more...

Pan Ambient Dim Sum
The Konspiracy Group (TKG007)
Released 01.12.11

Live compilation featuring recordings of 'Introductions' and 'All Boxes' from the August 7th 2011 show in Vancouver, BC.

Purchase from The Konspiracy Group.

Also includes tracks from:
Tomas Jirku / Gunshae / Hong Kong Soap Operas / Lady Eve