Mix for Fluid Radio

I've recently done a mix for the excellent Fluid Radio, which you can listen to here. The mix is inspired by my new home, and here's the description I gave Fluid Radio:

"My new home of Vancouver can be a very changeable place. You can be traipsing through a rain sodden downtown or endless grid of suburbs one minute, to be suddenly confronted by snow capped mountains, ocean and endless forests the next. These sudden changes in landscape have been further accentuated by the onset of winter, and what follows is a selection of pieces that seem to fit the constantly shifting feel and scale of this city, as well as a preview of the first Fieldhead track written entirely on Canadian soil. – P Elam (Fieldhead)"

Track List:

00:00 Benoît Pioulard – Purse Discusses
02:49 Khonnor – Basement Key 555
07:05 Tim Hecker – Rainbow Blood
10:45 EL Heath – Nightscape
15:09 Fieldhead – You Can Leave Now
18:11 Khonnor – Megan’s Present
22:08 Conquering Animal Sound – Ira
26:10 Gareth S. Brown – 2nd Cabinet: Frozen Charlottes
32:45 Brave Timbers – More Like the Oak than the Willow
36:24 Thee More Shallows – Pulchritude
38:54 Carousell – Black Swallow
44:42 Sylvain Chauveau – Il fait nuit noire à Berlin
46:29 Rachel’s – Moscow is in the Telephone
50:21 Hood – Cross the Land